Friday, March 26, 2010

Febuary-March, Cantt. Lahore & Ganche, Baltistan

Carrots in the washing basket, 13 March 2010
I've been thinking about inserting carrots into this plastic washing basket since i got it about two years ago.It seems made for them. Though I hadn't counted on its flexibility nor their weight. Then there's the lack of symmetry in an average Pakistani carrot. These black carrots are amazing, they seem another whole species from their bland orange cousins. The bigger picture is a putting together of the product of industry and the produce of nature. Both are interventions of a sort, neither are "natural". This goes beyond my anthology of plastics.
Black and red carrots, 13 March 2010

Black Carrot juice, 26th March 2010, Lahore

 Carrots in the clothes basket, 13th March 2010

 Mixed carrots and plastic

 Black carrots and orange plastic, 13th March 2010

The shoot

set-up with  Nikon D3

Dyed eggs for Naurose,
Appo Jaffar, at Khaplu Palace, Baltistan 23rd March 2010

Khaplu village from above, 23rd March 2010

Khaplu high plateau in search of lawn-grass, 23rd March 2010

Panorama with Huna, Khaplu 23rd March 2010

Black Peppercorn Haier top-loader, detergent free twin tub, 14th March 2010

R.A. Bazaar Bombings, Friday 12th March 2010

Body parts, mobile phone advert, R.A. bazaar Bombings, Friday 12th March 2010

Washing down R.A. Bazaar, bombings, 12th March 2010

R.A. Bazaar bombings, 12th March 2010
Just outside Skardu by road, 23rd March 2010

Cabbage White's eating all my Ruccola, 26th March 2010